Top 5 Things I Bring to the Table

I am an advanced writer
I possess a multi-year background in journalism, having written for my town's local paper, The Glencoe Compass, as well as Georgetown's premier student news publication, The Hoya. I excel at effectively synthesizing and conveying complex ideas on paper in a manner easily-digestible to my audience. By consistently working in environments chock-full of outstanding writers and editors, I have accumulated extensive experience in honing a professional level of prose.
I thrive equally as both a leader and teammate
Throughout my extensive professional and extracurricular experiences, I have excelled in my ability to seamlessly integrate into a variety of teams while also possessing the confidence and interpersonal skills to effectively lead when called upon. As a journalist for The Hoya, I have collaborated with dozens of writers and editors in co-efforts to produce succinct and powerful articles from conception to publication. As a server at the fine-dining establishment 501 Local, where I often found myself responsible for up to eight tables at a time, I necessarily developed advanced coordination and task-management skills through communicating with a team of managers, chefs, bartenders, and other waiters. And as first a new member and later the president of the Georgetown club lacrosse team, I feel very comfortable both contributing to and confidently leading a team through its ups and downs.
I am competitive, hardworking, and determined to succeed
I compete ferociously in every aspect of my life, whether it's in the classroom, on the field, or even playing a game of chess. I have never been the smartest, fastest, or strongest, but I pride myself in outworking those around me because I know that natural talent is no substitute for hard work. I strive to maximize my potential in this way due to a deep desire to outperform the competition, but also because I owe it to those who have sacrificed for me, those who have blessed me with opportunity, and those who rely on my individual contributions for the success of a whole.
I am organized and punctual
Having juggled athletics, extracurriculars, jobs, and strenuous academic courses for the better part of my life, I have developed both particularly-advanced time-management skills and strict habits of punctuality. From a young age, my lacrosse coaches constantly reinforced in me the saying, "if you're not early, you're late," and this is something I have long-since internalized and followed religiously. I pride myself in showing up early and fulfilling my responsibilities well-ahead of deadlines. These habits, I have found, are not only vital to success in any area of life, but also allow oneself to stay on top of intense, demanding schedules involving a variety of commitments.
I feed off of socializing and forming relationships
I am a very social person and I find myself energized by working with others. I possess great interpersonal skills honed through extensive experience as a member of a variety of teams, and I have found much success building healthy and symbiotic relationships involving communication, trust, and equal give and take. Additionally, having worked in multiple service industries, I am skilled at connecting with customers and leaving a positive, lasting impression.