Top 5 Things I Bring to the Table

I am reliable and have been counted on to deliver in high-pressure situations
I pride myself on being known to come through for myself and others. Whether in the world of sport or the workplace, I have always been known as someone people can look to at any moment to come through and deliver.
I am never content
Throughout my life, people have always left the ball in my court, without the additional push from family members or higher-ups. I was often given the freedom to do as I please. I have set a high standard for my life, and in everything I do, I try my best to ensure that it is on par with that standard.
I am level-headed despite my surroundings
Throughout my time in track and field, one thing that was always preached was to focus on your lane and run your own race. This is due to many people allowing the competitors or outside audience to distract them from their mechanics and training. Within the dynamics of a workplace, there will be times when things may be chaotic or overwhelming, and I pride myself on the ability to lock in, focus, and deliver no matter what’s going on around me.
I am coachable and do not take criticism and feedback personally
I take pride in receiving feedback and constructive criticism. In my years of performing in highly competitive environments, I have never mistaken coaching and development as a personal attack. I know that it is a fundamental part of learning and growing.
I am not afraid to be vulnerable within the workplace
Transitioning post-sport and entering the labor market I realized how difficult things can be and that it is truly okay to ask for help. Oftentimes people will continue to do things their way because they’re afraid to say “hey I am not quite getting this”. I am learning in my journey to set aside my pride and practice vulnerability to get to where I need to go