Top 5 Things I Bring to the Table

I am committed to excellence while empowering my team members to keep the company's missions/goals at the forefront
Being on multiple sports teams we all had a common goal and that was to win. To be successful as a team I had to commit to excellence and not only do the work on the court but also off the court by empowering/supporting my teammates which allowed us to develop trust and keep our goals at the forefront. While in grad school I went through a lot of adversity and demonstrated a track of excellence finishing Magna Cum Laude.
I can critically think in high pressure situations
As an athlete and working within a hospital, I was constantly put in high pressure situations where major decisions had to be made. I have found success in these situations because it has required me to focus on the specific task in very critical situations.
I am culturally competent
Through my time in sport, I came across numerous individuals from varying backgrounds. I have been able to become aware of these cultural differences and understand that we all come from different backgrounds which in turn has allowed me to become a more effective communicator and be empathetic towards others.
I have an eagerness to continually learn
Since I was a young kid, I have been someone who has asked a lot of questions because I am always eager to learn something new. I have found that having an innate desire to continually learn allows me to not settle for where I am at and always wanting more. My eagerness to continually learn was demonstrated in my final project during graduate school as I formulated a hypothesis and completed extensive research until I was able to find an answer.
I am adaptable and willing to help other team members in a proactive manner
There was a constant change in our schedules that was dependent on my coaches and the needs of my teammates. I have learned that my ability to adapt has allowed me to thrive in diverse environments, steering through difficult situations, and has instilled an eagerness to accomplish new challenges.