Top 5 Things I Bring to the Table

I am even-keeled
“Never get too high or too low” - I have learned that being too far on one end of the spectrum can negatively impact production. There is nothing wrong with celebrating success nor is it wrong to be critical of your failures. But both feelings can lead to a lack of productivity if dwelled on.
I have an inclination toward technology and software as a service
Once an intern at Samsung Electronics America, my projects involved creating KPI reports, dashboards, and data stories to upper management using Excel: Power Query, SQL, and Tableau. I want to be a part of a company that helps improve the everyday lives of people and businesses through technology.
I am adaptable in the workplace
I can easily adjust to changing circumstances to ensure success for my team. During my time at CPKC Railway I have successfully managed accounts under different commodities, all of which have their own unique customer base and shipping requirements.
I am a reliable asset to my team
My work experience and sports background has afforded me the opportunity to gain valuable teamwork and interpersonal skills. In addition to the commodities I handle at CPKC, I take on ad-hoc projects that help my team complete contract renewals, playbooks, and one-pagers in a timely manner.
I thrive in high-pressure environments
Canadian Pacific Railway acquired Kansas City Southern Railway in April 2023, creating CPKC. This is a time of high stress and high expectations from the top down. My team and I are on pace to exceed the revenue requirements we promised the Surface Transportation Board because of our ability to work under pressure and support one another. I do not shy away from challenges—I embrace them.