Top 5 Things I Bring to the Table

I’m disciplined and hold myself accountable.
Discipline has been a massive part of my entire life. Growing up with strict parents and being an athlete my whole life has instilled a level of discipline in me that will stay forever. I’m disciplined and hold myself accountable no matter what.
I bring the ability to galvanize and empower the people around me.
I’ve always found myself in team captain roles while being an athlete my whole life. In a work environment, I’ll be able to bring people together and motivate and empower them. As team captain for Auburn track and field, I pumped the team up and gave motivational speeches before each meeting.
Tech Savvy.
I’ve always been in love with technology. In a work environment, I’ll be able to leverage my knowledge of technology while also learning the new technologies the company uses. I pick up technology fast!
I’m proactive and take the initiative when doing things.
As a student-athlete, I was required to be proactive and get my work done beforehand. We practice for 20 hours a week while also being a full-time student. During competition season, we’d travel every Wednesday and return on Sunday. So that's three days of classes missed. At times, I took 18 credit hours per semester and could still get over a 3.3 GPA each semester. It took some time to get used to at first, but once I learned to take the initiative, be proactive, and get my work done before the due dates, this helped me a lot.
I am Innovative and creative.
My knack for developing innovative ideas will be tremendous for any company. This is a skill I picked up as I aged, and I love putting my creative twist on whatever I'm doing.