Top 5 Things I Bring to the Table

I am self motivated and hold myself accountable
Professional golf is a very individual sport and every single decision made while competing was my own. This pushed me to become highly self-motivated in order to improve, no one was ever there to assist in the heat of competition.
I am patient and strategic in my approach towards success
Every tournament has roughly 156 players in it and losing happens a lot more than winning. It was crucial to develop the patience to know that even while performing at a high level there will still be ebbs and flows on what defines success. This skill has also helped improve my everyday life.
I have the ability to navigate through high-pressure situations
Gaining status on a professional level tour requires a cut throat environment where you either succeed and move on to have a job for that year or you don't. After successfully getting status on PGA Tour Canada- each week during the season out of the 156 players only the top 60 and ties got paid out.
I adapt to constantly changing environments quickly
Every week brings a new variable whether it be weather, type of grass, elevation, and competition. Being able to adapt to these different environments was crucial to success. Embracing the changing environment carries over to all other assets of life always keeping me sharp.
I am coachable and always eager to learn
Throughout any level of competing there is some sort of coaching. College was the biggest form of coaching with constant checking in and reporting. Clear communication and trust played a huge part in my progression and development into my professional career after being at Auburn.