Top 5 Things I Bring to the Table

I am proven team player with a heart for collaboration
I have the innate ability to effectively work not only well for my superiors, but also alongside my colleagues. I strive to identify everyone’s strengths, and encourage input and thought-provoking conversations that provide space for innovation and creativity.
I hold myself to a standard and can be held accountable
I build strong communication and set expectations quickly, I take responsibility for my actions, and follow through on what I say I will do.
I have unique leadership qualities that show up daily
My approach to leadership is simple: strong leaders don’t tell you how to do it, they show you. I identify my team's strengths and weaknesses, position individuals for success, and show empathy if I feel a team member is struggling, and discover ways to help them overcome those challenges. My goal when leading is to aspire to inspire. I focus on a leadership style that ignites motivation and promotes high productivity levels.
I communicate effectively
From playing collegiate sports to working across industries, the value of communication is immeasurable. I understand the importance of relaying information quickly and efficiently, especially in settings where accurate data or intel is crucial. An aspect of communication that I prioritize is the importance of being a great listener; communicating to comprehend.
I seek high performance in everything I do
Being performance driven is simply doing what it takes. As a former athlete, I was graded solely on my performance; there was never room for an “A for effort”. I grew accustomed to being in settings where high pressure performance based activities are the sole indicator of your capabilities as well as your future.