Top 5 Things I Bring to the Table

I am a confident leader and support those around me.
Confident leaders set the standard and lead by example, not by dictating. My focus as a leader is bringing those around me up and pushing them to their best performance. I will stand up for those around me and support them in their journey throughout their careers. Whether I am in a position of leadership, or just starting out, I will always take the opportunity to lead those around me to make myself, and my colleagues better.
I am high energy and bring a lot of passion.
My energy and passion combine to drive me forward in everything that I do, especially the workplace. I use my energy to ignite those around me and push them towards their goals and reach high-level outcomes in their work. My passion promotes me to grow and learn continuously and never be stagnant with where I am at in my career. My energy helps to foster a high-performing environment with passionate colleagues.
My voice is an assest and I use it to effectively communicate with others.
I am vocal and loud with everything I do, but I use that in an effective manner. I use my voice to communicate with those around me in a way that is easy to understand whether it is teammates, an audience, or colleagues. On the field or off, communication is a staple of who I am and my performance and I will always use my voice to my advantage.
Growing is essential to my development and I am always looking to learn more.
Stagnancy to me is not an option in my professional or personal life. I value learning and continually search for opportunities to educate myself. Due to my focus on growth, I am very coachable and constructive feedback is essential to my development. My commitment to growth creates positive change and allows me to be a constant contributor to any organization.
I can quickly adapt to various situations and develop innovative solutions
Due to my history as an athlete in a fast-developing sport like softball I have been continually developing my ability to adapt to unknown situations and handle them in a calm manner no matter the time constraint. My ability to adapt, and do so quickly, allows me to respond to diverse situations and overcome challenges in innovative ways. I respond well to challenges and use strong problem-solving skills to overcome them.