Top 5 Things I Bring to the Table

I am flexible and adapt when needed
As a student-athlete, my schedule is in a constant state of change due to weather, cancellations, etc. Learning to roll with what comes my way has helped me become adaptable and flexible when changes are being made.
I have an eye for the little details
Seeing the little details is very important, as they can change the way things layout. By seeing these little details, I can asses any changes needed to better the overall picture.
I have a goal-oriented mindset
Goals are very important steps to becoming successful. Having these goals sets me up with a successful timeline of what tasks need to be accomplished and when.
I effectively communicate
Amongst my various roles, learning how to effectively communicate has become a very strong point for me, especially when important information needs to be shared.
Willing to do my part to help the company succeed
Being a team player is the key to any team being successful, in both sports and the workplace. Needing to do what is best for the team is something I strive to do and take on my part with pride and importance.