Top 5 Things I Bring to the Table

I work well with others
As a former college athlete, I've been fortunate to encounter people from different backgrounds, with diverse skillsets and personalities. I successfully developed a robust and long-lasting relationship with them.
I am resourceful
As an athlete, I’ve been in tough competitive situations where I came out successful, because I was able to find a competitive advantage through thorough pregame planning, film study, and repetition. I plan to apply this skill in the corporate realm to handle complex assignments in high- pressure environments.
Huge presence
I'm 6'7". I have an assertive presence, a light-hearted personality, and a strong work ethic.
I am passionate
I do everything in a diligent manner. As an athlete, I developed a passion for chasing excellence in everything I do. This has allowed me to achieve goals and will help me earn the respect of my future teammates.
Reliable asset
As a former college athlete, I have been able to showcase my competence by handling situations productively for my team. I hold myself accountable which has allowed me to establish trust, personal growth, and develop as a leader.