Top 5 Things I Bring to the Table

I look forward to dissecting a problem or analyzing a situation down to the T so that I can come up with the best solution, outweighing others. When it comes to executing a plan, I take the long jump approach. How far do I want to jump (my end goal)? What’s my starting point (my plan), my midmark or milestone, and where do I take off (when is it time to execute and when does it need to be done)?
Being uncertain to a certain degree gives me the ability to adapt to new things. Even though the long jump approach is crucial to my way of thinking, every jump is different, so being too definite doesn’t allow much room for adjustments.
Remote Starter
Being an athlete, at the end of the day, you have to get the job done. Yes, I have a coach, but I get to wake up at 5 am for workouts, I get to go to class, I get to attain a full-time job for my livelihood, and I am the one who gets to compete and hit my standards. It starts with getting myself out of bed.
I believe I am going to achieve it before any doubts come to mind. My faith is with God, and He's been showing me how strong I am and what I can overcome. I do not use the word “can’t.”
I am able to bounce back with fuel at a greater cost and am marinated to overcome any obstacles that are set in front of me. In my field, you have to take wins, losses, criticism, and even injuries with a grain of salt.