Prolific Fellow
Wiliam BJ Trimble
B.Sc. Health Services Administration
Post Grad
B.A. Business Administration
Employment Status
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Top 5 Things I Bring to the Table

Intuitive personality and critical thinking
My ability to use all the factors of an environment to come to a solution to a problem provides me the opportunity to create new and innovative ideas.
Ability to communicate clearly and effectively
Due to my experiences of living and working in multiple different regions across the country, I have learned how to accurately and clearly communicate with all walks of life, creed, and color.
Highly Adaptable and resilient
I truly believe I can be dropped out of a plane blindfolded anywhere in the world, and I will find a make a way to be self sufficient, successful and build lasting relationships with the people I come in contact with.
Ability to think critically and calmly in stressful situations
I am always a steady consistent energy and light with my presence. In a stressful situation, my ability to stay calm and think critically through the chaos to find a solution allows me to keep control of myself in any situation.
Ability to organize and multitask
Covering a large geographical territory of 4 states requires vast amount of organization and also multitasking. The ability to be in 2 places at once takes precise and effective timing, organization, communication and coordination.