Top 5 Things I Bring to the Table

I have a Great Attitude
I approach work with actual effort instead of going through the motions. If I’m getting paid to do something, I personally wouldn’t like to waste my time being lazy on the job. Actually doing work, at work is what motivates me to keep going.
Punctuality is key
I understand how important it is to show up on time and ready to work. Eliminating either of those things from the equation leaves room for error. I intend to avoid preventable errors.
I am a sponge for knowledge
In any profession there are rules of the trade. Learning those rules are imperative for safety and management of time. To keep a system running it is important for me to understand how things run and why they run the way they do.
I am assertive when things must get done
In my experience there are people who slack off at any job. I know how to keep a steady work flow while being able to help others. Motivating people to get work done helps more often than not. Employees often need to know they aren’t alone and they have support.
New opportunities excite me
With every opportunity I get, I try to secure and gain knowledge from it. Opportunities to me are all apart of our evolution through life and they are essential for growth. Growth is what I pray over my life everyday.