Top 5 Things I Bring to the Table

I am proficient in Leadership and Team Management.
I possess strong leadership abilities, having captained athletic teams and led projects during my internships. My experience enables me to effectively manage and inspire diverse teams to achieve their best.
I am a Strategic Planner and Project Manager.
I am skilled in strategic planning and project management, demonstrated through my work in developing marketing strategies and the implementation of certain policies. I excel in orchestrating complex projects from conception through to successful execution.
I am a great Communicator on and off the field.
I am an excellent communicator, adept in both verbal and written forms. My background as a national athlete representing Singapore internationally, coupled with my public speaking engagements, has honed my ability to engage effectively with varied audiences.
My Analytical and Problem-Solving Abilities are in my arsenal.
My Master's degree in Public Affairs and Bachelor of Economics, along with practical experience in policy development and data management, have equipped me with robust analytical and problem-solving skills. I thrive on challenges and am proficient in turning data into actionable insights.
I was born with Resilience and Discipline.
As a competitive athlete who has faced and overcome significant challenges, including injuries, I have developed a high level of resilience and discipline. These traits are fundamental to my professional approach, allowing me to navigate and thrive in demanding environments.