Our Team

The Prolific Institute was founded in 2020 by a group of former athletes and change agents with an altruistic burden to ensure that athletes across the world have access to the tools, resources, and mental health support to successfully transition to life, leadership, and service post sport.
Nosa Eguae, Founding Partner.
Nosa Eguae
Founding Partner
Jazmine Price, Head of Development
jazmine price
Head of Development
Sam Oyekoya, Head of Partnerships
sam oyekoya
Head of Partnerships
Shelby Mitchell, Head of Operations
shelby mitchell
Head of Operations
Shlok Kharod, Head of Development
shlok kharod
Head of Development
Idong Ibok, Digital Lead
idong ibok
Digital Operations
Caitlyn Shwartz, Chief Marketing Officer
caitlin schwartz
Head of Marketing

Attracting, Retaining, Developing, and Promoting high performing diverse leaders is more important now than ever.

The PROLIFIC Institute is here to serve, and ensure that our partners have access to the high capacity talent that they seek.